Hotline: +84915171010

Hotline: +84915171010


Grab & Go, Cafe & Giftshop at the lobby
Opens 24/7


EMporium offers a wide range of refreshments and snacks when you’re in a rush. Start your morning fresh at our barista counter, where traditional Vietnamese phin coffee, specialty coffee and fresh-squeezed juice await.

Let our staff assist you to choose the perfect gifts to bring home with our carefully curated selection of souvenirs, local produce and merchandises.


Vietnamese ‘Phin’ coffee

Served hot/cold, black/white

Specialty coffee

Choose V60, Aeropress or Siphon Choose beans from Dalat, Kenya or Columbia

Cold brew coffee

Brewed cold for 12 hours


Served hot/cold/frappe


Served hot/cold. Ask our staff for our tea collection

Fresh juice

Choose from coconut, orange, watermelon

Homemade drinking yoghurt

Choose from mango, passion fruit, strawberry

Soft drinks

Coke, Fanta, etc…


Saigon, Tiger, Heineken, etc...


Daily baked pastry

Choose from croissant, crème de la crème or Danish


Choose from plain, chocolate or cream


Choose from chocolate, chocolate chips or almond

Traditional Vietnamese cakes

Choose from banana cake or steamed layer cake

Cold sandwich

Choose from ham & cheese, egg mayo or BLT

Seasonal fruits

Ask our staff for fresh fruits of the day

Instant noodles

Snack assortments

Popcorn, sweets, potato chips, etc...


Winter Offer

25% Off
-Minimum stay 4 nights.
-Early booking.
-Breakfast included.
-Free cancellation (see terms).
-New Years free champagne.
-Hiking tours with hosts.
-Winter equipment.

Special Events

5% Off
-Minimum stay 2 nights.
-Up to 10 guests.
-Breakfast included.
-Free cancellation (see terms).
-All rooms.
-Cleaning included.
-Late check-out.