Service hours: 24/7​


EMporium offers a wide range of refreshments and snacks when you’re in a rush. Start your morning fresh at our barista counter, where traditional Vietnamese phin coffee, specialty coffee and fresh-squeezed juice await.

Let our staff assist you to choose the perfect gifts to bring home with our carefully curated selection of souvenirs, local produce and merchandises.

3rd Floor

Breakfast service hours: 6:30 - 9:30

    Hosting venue for special dining events

Our stylish flagship restaurant took design inspiration from the local fishing boat heritage with an actual boat installed as the breakfast buffet counter.

Immerse in EM’s Recipe unique design atmosphere and fuel your day with our generous breakfast buffet where everyone can find their personal favourite, whether it’s local, Asian or Western.

EM’s Recipe is the perfect hosting spot for your group dining from 20 up to 120 guests. Em Ơi’s special dinining events such as Christmas Dinner or Valentine’s will also take place here. Please contact dosm@emoihotel.com for further information and enquiries.

**In-house guests enjoy complimentary daily breakfast. Outside guests please contact our reception to purchase ticket for 150,000VND/adult or 100,000VND/child

5th Floor

Pool service hours: 6:00 - 20:00

Pool bar service hours: 10:00 - 21:00​

There’s no better place to spend the day by the pool at EM Play, where cold drinks will quench your thirst and our all-day local contemporary cuisine will satisfy your hunger.

EM Play host frequent events such as live music and movie by the pool to keep you entertained during your stay.